Membership Dues

Dues are $40 per year. If you are a member of a local CWG chapter, you may have additional local chapter dues, as well.

Membership is free for priests, deacons, and professed religious who live in community and/or have taken a vow of poverty. This is intended to aid those who have limited means due to their roles in the Church. If your account expires, please contact us.

If you have limited means for other reasons, please contact us about our volunteer program.

How to Renew your Membership

Renew by Card

Dues can be paid online now via our chat application, Heartbeat. Click here to join.

Note: we no longer accept payments on this website because we will be migrating to a new website in the near future.

Renew by Check

You can renew by mailing a check for $40 US, made out to "Catholic Writers Guild". Please indicate clearly that the check is for membership renewal. If you are registered under a pen name, please include that on your check.

Mail to:
Catholic Writers Guild
PO Box 77
Eaton, IN 47338

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