YA/Teen Titles



6 Dates to Disaster , Cynthia Toney
A Life Such as Heaven Intended , Amanda Lauer
A Love Such as Heaven Intended , Amanda Lauer
A Saint in the Family, Corinna Turner
A Soldier Surrenders:The Conversion of St. Camillus de Lellis , Susan Peek
A Truly Clawful Christmas, Corinna Turner
A Truly Raptor-ous Welcome , Corinna Turner
A Very Jurassic Christmas, Corinna Turner
A World Such as Heaven Intended , Amanda Lauer
An Unexpected Role , Leslea D. Wahl
Angelhood , A.J. Cattapan
Antonio's Questions, Patricia Mendoza
Ashes: Visible & Invisible, Catholic Teen Books
Bane's Eyes , Corinna Turner
Battle for His Soul , Theresa Linden
Be: The Journey of Rol , Ric Colegrove
Bird Face , Cynthia T. Toney
Bound , Vijaya Bodach
Breach! , Corinna Turner
Brothers , Corinna Turner
Celtic Knot , Ann Shortell
Chasing Liberty , Theresa Linden
Child, Unwanted, Corinna Turner
Cinder Alia , Karen Ullo
Cracks in the Ice , Deanna Klingel
Crusader King , Susan Peek
Don't, Gabriella Batel
Drive! , Corinna Turner
Ebram's Story: Book 1, The Haunting , Esther Locascio
Elfling , Corinna Turner
Emily’s Hope , Ellen Gable
eXtreme Blindside , Leslea Wahl
Farmgirls Die in Cages , Corinna Turner
Fight for Liberty , Theresa Linden
Firestarters , Theresa Linden
For Eden’s Sake , T.M. Gaouette
Freeing Tanner Rose , T.M. Gaouette
Gifts: Visible & Invisible , Catholic Teen Books authors (Leslea D. Wahl, T.m. Gaouette, Theresa Linden, Susan Peek, Carolyn Astfalk, Katy Huth Jones, Corinna Turner, Cynthia Toney)
Guarding Aaron , TM Gaouette
I Am Margaret , Corinna Turner
Jenna's Journey, Karen Kelly Boyce
Liberation , Corinna Turner
Life-Changing Love , Theresa Linden
Mandy Lamb and the Full Moon , Corinna Turner
Margo's Notebook & Diary , Corinna Turner
Miracle at the Mission, Joseph Lewis
Mission Libertad , Lizette M. Lantigua
Murder at Penwood Manor, Antony B. Kolenc
Near Occasions (John Paul 2 High Book 5) , Christian M. Frank
Old Men Don't Walk to Egypt: St. Joseph, Corinna Turner
Our Lady of Fatima Graphic Novel , Samuel Estrada
Panic , Corinna Turner
Playing By Heart , Carmela Martino
Please Don't Feed the Dinosaurs, Corinna Turner
Prisoners of War , Sarah Gracia
Rapunzel Let Down: a Fairy Tale Retold , Regina Doman
Rightfully Ours , Carolyn Perpetua Astfalk
Roland West, Loner , Theresa Linden
Roland West, Outcast , Theresa Linden
Rosa, Sola , Carmela A. Martino
Saint Jerk, D.J. Dixon
Saint Magnus The Last Viking , Susan Peek
Saving Faith , T.M. Gaouette
Secrets: Visible & Invisible , Theresa Linden, T.M. Gaouette, Cynthia Toney, Susan Peek, Leslea D. Wahl, Corinna Turner, and Carolyn Perpetua Astfalk
Spokes , Deanna Klingel
Standing Strong , Theresa Linden
Summer of My Dissent: John Paul II High Book 3 , Christian M. Frank
Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean , Britt Leigh
Ten Steps to Girlfriend Status , Cynthia Toney
Testing Liberty , Theresa Linden
The Boy Who Knew: Carlo Acutis, Corinna Turner
The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch , T.M. Gaouette
The King's Prey , Susan Peek
The Light , Jacqueline Brown
The Other Side of Freedom , Cynthia Toney
The Perfect Blindside , Leslea D. Wahl
The Seige of Reginald Hill , Corinna Turner
The Three Most Wanted , Corinna Turner
The Woman in the Trees , Theoni Bell
The Young Chesterton Chronicles- Book 1- The Tripods Attack! , John McNichol
The Young Chesterton Chronicles- Book 2- The Emperor of North America , John McNichol
Three Last Things or The Hounding of Carl Jarrold, Soulless Assassin , Corinna Turner
To the Heights: A Novel Based on the Life of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati , Brian Kennelly
Treasures: Visible & Invisible, Theresa Linden, Susan Peek, Antony B. Kolenc, Amanda Lauer, Carolyn Astfalk, Leslea Wahl, T.M. Gaouette, Corinna Turner
Turning in Circles , Michelle Buckman
Undercover Papist: John Paul II High Book 4 , Christian M. Frank
Waiting with Elmer , Deanna Klingel
Where You Lead , Leslea Wahl
Who Shall Wear the Wedding Veil , Martina Parnelli


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