Children's Titles


A Christmas Story with St. Joseph , Geri Guadagno
A Pilgrim's Crux, Timothy Neboyskey
A Star in the Night , Jennifer Gladen
a.k.a. Genius , Marilee Haynes
Angel Donor , Jennifer Gladen
Angel or Not? Angel for Sure! , Lori Diez
Anna Mei, Blessing in Disguise , Carol A. Grund
Bella's Beautiful Miracle, Kimberly Novak
Belt of Truth , Theresa Linden
Black as Night (Book 2 of the Fairy Tale Novels) , Regina Doman
Boots of Peace, Theresa Linden
Bread Upon The Water , Deanna Klingel
Breastplate of Righteousness , Theresa Linden
Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children: Food Celebrations with the Saints for Home and School , Colleen Rooney
Cretaceous Clay & The Black Dwarf , Dana Alan Knight
Cretaceous Clay and the Ninth Ring , Alan Brooks (D.A. Knight)
Dear God I Don’t Get It , Patti Maguire Armstrong
God's Precious Gift: A Special Needs Child, Colleen Keefe Faul
Giorgio's Miracle, Laurie Schmitt
God Made the Moonlight , Erin Broestl
Heavenly Hosts , Kathryn Swegart
Hiding the Stranger: The Trilogy, Joan L. Kelly
I Forgive You: Love We Can Hear, Ask For and Give , Nicole Lataif
I'm Bernadette! , Emily Grace Ortega
Kiss Me Goodnight, Maurice Prater
Lucia of Fatima, Kathryn Swegart
Martyrs , Kathryn Swegart
Miraculous! Catholic Mysteries for Kids, Kathryn Swegart
Molly McBride and the Party Invitation , Jeanie Egolf
Molly McBride and the Plaid Jumper , Jeanie Egolf
Mrs. McGillicuddy and Her Friend Mr. Rude , Denise Jackson
Murder at Penwood Manor, Antony B. Kolenc
Olivia and the Little Way , Nancy Carabio Belanger
Olivia's Gift , Nancy Carabio Belanger
On Angel's Wings , Rosemary Kuhn
One More Dance with Grandma , Mary Lou Rosien
Our Treasure , Michele Elena Bondi
Perilous Days , Kathyrn Swegart
Saint Clare and Her Cat , Dessi Jackson
Saint Joseph: The Foster-Father Saint by Maria Riley
Santa’s Secret Story , Cornelia Mary Bilinsky
Secrets in September, Doreen McAvoy
Seven Riddles to Nowhere , Amy Cattapan
Shadow in the Dark , Antony Barone Kolenc
Shield of Faith, Theresa Linden
Sister Aloysius Arrives at Our Lady of Sorrows , Linda Etchison
Sister Aloysius Comes to Mercyville , Linda Etchison
Sister Aloysius Gets Ready for the First Day of School , Linda Etchison
Sister Aloysius Says Pray, Pray, Pray, Linda Etchison
Sisters of the Last Straw Book 2: The Case of the Vanishing Novice , Karen Kelly Boyce
Sisters of the Last Straw: The Case of the Haunted Chapel , Karen Kelly Boyce
Sisters of the Last Straw: The Case of the Stolen Rosaries , Karen Kelly Boyce
Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes , Lawrence Peterson
The Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience , Virginia Lieto
The Chestertons and the Golden Key , Nancy Carpentier Brown
The Father Brown Reader: Stories from Chesterton , Nancy Carpentier Brown
The Fire of Eden , Antony Barone Kolenc
The Gate , Nancy Carabio Belanger
The Haunted Cathedral , Antony Barone Kolenc
The Hungry Kitten's Tale , Elizabeth Fust
The King’s Gambit , John McNichol
The Locket's Secret , Kara Heyne
The Merchant's Curse, Antony Barone Kolenc
The Midnight Dancers (Book 4 of the Fairy Tale Novels) , Regina Doman
The Monks' Daily Bread , Sylvia Dorham and Christopher Tupa
The Other Side of Christmas , Beth Gully
The Other Side of Easter , Beth Gully
The Priest and the Peaches , Larry Peterson
The Rainbow with Dull Colors , Jessica Johnston
The Reluctant Knight , Joan L. Kelly
The River of Life , Diana Tabbaa
The Shadow of the Bear (Book 1 of the Fairy Tale Novels) , Regina Doman
The Story of Job , Regina Doman
The Treasure with a Face, Janeen Zaio
The Tree of Healing , Diana Gonzalez Tabbaa
The Younger Days , Mike Hays
Traveling to Bethlehem , Pam Blake-Virostko
Tristan's Travels , Karl Bjorn Erickson
Waking Rose (Book 3 of the Fairy Tale Novels) , Regina Doman
Wooly and the Good Shepherd, Elizabeth Fust

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